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The 4 C's

Every diamond is a unique and beautiful - like snowflakes, each is one of a kind. Understanding what the differences are and how they impact the appearance and value of the stone will help you decide what is important to you in selecting a diamond.

The 4C's of Diamond quality (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) have been the globally accepted standard for describing and assessing the quality of diamonds since 1939. These characteristics provide the framework for understanding the basic information about the stones; however there are other criteria – like girdle symmetry, table polish, and precision pointed culets, that can also be used to evaluate a diamond - As a result, two diamonds with the same 4C's criteria may be very different. We are happy to walk you through the process, show you multiple choices in your price range, and help you select the perfect diamond.

Buying a diamond is often an emotional experience – we are here to ensure it is a positive one that you can make with confidence.

We choose only the finest, ethically sourced diamonds to provide our customers with incredible value. We know how important it is to purchase the best possible diamond for your money. Because we want to earn your business for a lifetime, every diamond we offer is hand-selected by our top diamond experts.

Further information can be found here in our Education Center and at the GIA website. Click on the buttons and links below to begin your journey – and contact us to find your perfect diamond.