Services While You Wait


Jonathan’s offers some basic services to be done while the customer is present.  To offer our best service, we request that this be done via an appointment made with one of the jewelers.  Afternoons in the mid-week work best for this but we will make every effort to schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you. These services include ring sizing (one or two rings only please) in both gold or platinum, basic stone setting, basic solder repair, watch battery replacement or a single item appraisal.  An exception to ring sizing would be a case in which the ring is set with a number of gemstones.  These stones may require tightening after the circumference of the ring is changed and it may not be able to be completed in the time allotted for an appointment.

For a basic ring sizing in gold the appointment should take a half hour or so, platinum a little longer, barring any problems or issues that arise during inspection of the ring or during the sizing. 

If you have a diamond or gemstone that you do not want to leave withus to be set, make an appointment with Jonathan and he will walk you through the process of getting it set.  Throughout his career, Jon has set hundreds of stones while the customer looked on.  We excel at this special service and hope to accommodate you.

A single item appraisal can also be done while you wait as long as it is not a piece with a large number of gemstones and intricate detail work.  The first step in this process is to make sure the jewelry is very clean so we can get an accurate look at the gemstones.  This can be a time consuming process which is why a piece with a lot of stones may not be an acceptable piece for a while-you-wait appraisal. 

After all the information is obtained you can then take your jewelry item with you.  The appraisal will be completed, signed and reviewed by Jonathan.  The finished appraisal is then available for pickup or can be mailed to you. We can also FAX a copy directly to your insurance company.